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(CNN)Former officials who were responsible for security at the US Capitol testified Tuesday at the first congressional hearing about the failure to prevent the deadly insurrection on January 6, admitting some failures but also deflecting blame to other security agencies, saying that the FBI did not provide any warnings beforehand that there would be a coordinated assault.

Lawmakers grilled former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, former House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving and former Senate sergeant-at-arms Michael C. Stenger, who all resigned after the attack. Also testifying was Michael Contee, the acting chief of local police in Washington DC.Here are five takeaways from the Senate hearing.
    Communication failures put lives at riskOne of the most stunning revelations came from Sund, who told lawmakers that he only learned this week about a bombshell FBI memo sent one day before the insurrection with an explicit warning about potential violence. Read MoreThe much-discussed "Norfolk memo," named for the FBI office in Virginia where it originated, was a key point of contention at Tuesday's Senate hearing as Sund revealed that the report reached his department before the attack but that he and other leaders did not see it."This is a report that I am just learning about within the last, they informed me yesterday of the report," Sund said when asked about the memo, which was first made public by The Washington Post on January 12. It is unclear why it took six weeks for Sund to learn about that memo.Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they try to storm the US Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021The revelation underscored a consistent theme of the hearing: Communication failures put the Capitol -- and people's lives -- at risk. "How can you not get that vital intelligence on the eve of what's going to be a major event?" Michigan Democratic Sen. Gary Peters asked Sund.Sund responded that the information was "coming in as raw data," though he acknowledged the information would have been helpful.Facts still murky on the National Guard delay Seven weeks after the attack, the dizzying timeline of events still isn't completely settled. Sen. Roy Blunt, a Missouri Republican, asked the former officials about a request that Sund claims he made for National Guard troops in the days leading up to the riot.Sund testified that he asked Irving and Stenger to make an emergency declaration, which he believed would be required to call in troops. Irving responded that he actually didn't view Sund's inquiry as a formal request for troops, but instead saw it as a conversation where Sund said the National Guard offered to deliver 125 troops to help with crowd control.
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    Capitol officer recounts responding to insurrection 08:32Irving said all three men decided that the intelligence regarding the planned protest on January 6 didn't warrant a military response.Blunt also pressed on conflicting timelines about when the Guard was requested after the security situation deteriorated at the Capitol. Sund claimed he made the request at 1:09 p.m. ET, but Irving insisted he had no recollection of a conversation at that time, instead claiming the two spoke around 1:30 p.m., and that the request for troops was made to him after 2 p.m. Spotlight on role of White supremacistsWitnesses and lawmakers highlighted the role of White supremacists in the pro-Trump mob, which undercut some recent attempts by prominent Republicans to downplay their involvement. Videos from the attack and court documents in cases against rioters have clearly demonstrated that some people with White supremacist views attended the pro-Trump rally and breached the Capitol. The hearing Tuesday gave top security officials a chance to affirm these findings.All four witnesses said "yes" when asked by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, "would you agree that this attack involved White supremacists and extremist groups?"
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    A new Trump loyalist 'party' makes room for the Proud Boys 05:59Carneysha Mendoza, a Capitol Police captain, reminded lawmakers that "multiple White supremacist groups, including the Proud Boys and others" came to DC for the first two pro-Trump rallies after the November election. Many members of groups returned for the January 6 rally and were at the frontlines of the mob that stormed the Capitol.This testimony undercut attempts by some influential Republicans to downplay or deny the role that racist right-wing groups played in the insurrection. For example, the conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed on his show Monday night that "there is no evidence that White supremacists were responsible for what happened on January 6. That's a lie."Conspiracy theories still run rampantLawmakers from both parties asked legitimate, fact-finding questions that will help figure out what happened on January 6 and what needs to be done to prevent a repeat in the future. But every now and then, right-wing conspiracy theories seeped into the proceedings, some from the same Republicans who peddled false claims about voter fraud that got us into this mess.Sen. Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Republican who has repeatedly spread disinformation about the 2020 election, used his time to read from an article published in a conservative publication that suggested that left-wing agitators and "fake" Trump supporters were responsible for the attack, and that Trump voters wouldn't attack police. These claims have been widely debunked.
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    Ex-Capitol police chief contradicts GOP senator 02:35The ex-security officials were also asked if Hill leadership delayed the National Guard deployment -- an allegation that some Republicans have used to pillory House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. These questions were asked by Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican who previously promoted many of the 2020 election conspiracies that inspired the insurrection itself.Irving responded that congressional leaders who oversee the Capitol Police had "absolutely not" played any role in any delays, debunking an increasingly common GOP talking point. There are more personal stories from police officers yet to be heardCaptain Mendoza provided riveting testimony about her experience responding to the insurrection, including describing injuries due to tear gas exposure."I proceeded to the Rotunda where I noticed a heavy smoke-like residue and smelled what I believed to be military grade CS gas -- a familiar smell," Mendoza said, mentioning that she served in the Army. "It was mixed with fire extinguisher spray deployed by the rioters. The rioters continued to deploy CS inside the Rotunda."CS is a reference to tear gas, which is often used by police as a riot control agent. Footage from the Capitol attack shows officers and rioters using chemical sprays against each other during the hours-long melee.
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    Did Pence feel betrayed after riot? His former chief of staff responds 01:26"Officers received a lot of gas exposure, which is a lot worse inside the building versus outside, because there's nowhere for it to go," Mendoza said. "I received chemical burns to my face that still have not healed to this day."
      She also described the terrifying moments while she and other officers brawled with hundreds of rioters."At some point, my right arm got wedged between the rioters and railing along the wall," she testified. "A (Capitol Police) sergeant pulled my arm free and had he not, I'm certain it would have been broken."

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      The judge of box b of the PP rejects the confrontation between Rajoy and Bárcenas and he insists that he gave him bonuses

      There will be no confrontation between the former president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, and the ex-treasurer of the PP, Luis Barcenas, in the case in which box b of the conservative formation is judged. This has been decided by the judge this Monday in the third session of the case, in which Bárcenas has declared for the first time and has pointed out with names and surnames. He has ensured that he himself gave bonuses to senior officials of the formation, who offered him half a million euros to modify his papers and has dated the end of the irregular cash register in 2010.

      The magistrate has indicated that the confrontation is an “exceptional diligence of the preliminary investigation”, a phase that was left behind since what began a month ago was the oral hearing. However, the judge has agreed to call journalists such as witnesses as witnesses. Ernesto Ekaizer or Eduardo Inda. Both were proposed by the defense of Bárcenas, since supposedly they were aware of the existence of a tape in which the deceased ex-treasurer of the PP, AlvaroThe door, acknowledged having delivered envelopes with black money to the former Prime Minister, MarianoRajoy.

      And it is that the president, retired from politics after Pedro Sánchez’s motion of censure went ahead, is one of the main objectives of Bárcenas. Far was that sms in which Rajoy I asked him to “be strong” when the Bárcenas papers were published. Or, as he has called them on several occasions during the oral hearing, “the PP papers.” Without providing any new evidence, the former treasurer has counted how that box b that existed worked and that he was in his office, since he was in charge of putting the money in envelopes.

      In addition, he has pointed to another man as the ideology of the systematization of the reception of high positions of the black money party: Francisco Alvarez Helmets, former Vice President of the Executive and Minister of Public Works. The former treasurer has narrated how, when the PP acceded to the Government after winning the 1996 elections, they began to give bonuses to people with organic positions. Among them, Rajoy, Cospedal, Javier Arenas, Jaime Mayor Oreja, Federico Trillo, Ángel Acebes and Rodrigo Rato. “Upon reaching the Government, they joined the Executive and the incompatibilities law meant a very significant economic decline. For this reason, the proposal that the treasurer receives is that they do not receive less money ”, he narrated.

      In this sense, it has not been the only details that Bárcenas de la caja b has given. As he has counted, the PP offered him half a million euros to modify them once they were published in the newspaper The country, in 2013. The former treasurer has assured that the lawyer of the PP, Javier Iglesias, offered to grant him those 500,000 euros, which would be “contributed by entrepreneurs”. “They raised the concern of the party with these documents and asked me to vary concepts and amounts, in order to make them public and create doubt as to which were the good guys and the bad guys,” he said. On the other hand, Bárcenas has said that he asked for 975,000 euros “in a, not in b”, because it was what “corresponded to him”.

      Bárcenas de Lapuerta has also spoken, to whom he gives full powers. He explained that “both” they knew that what they were doing was irregular, “But the person responsible was Lapuerta” and Bárcenas, he says, “followed his instructions.” Also within the framework of the Genoa works, which is what is being judged.

      The former treasurer has acknowledged the payments made to Gonzalo Urquijo, the architect responsible for the reform. He has said that he was asked to collect in b and that, after thinking about it, he accepted. “I remember that he said that it was the first time that they paid him a full salary and in cash before doing the work,” he said. Likewise, he has also told how they made two contracts for this reform: one “true and one false”. And, as the prosecutor recalled, there are differences between the initial budget, of more than one and a half million euros, and the execution budget, whose amount was 586,000 euros. “We probably told Páez,” also accused, “what he had to bill”, Bárcenas has justified himself. “We had to adapt the budget that was not real to the billing that was not real,” he added.

      Regarding how they arrived at Unifica, the accused company, the former treasurer recalled that it was his proposal that they liked the most in the ideas contest. Likewise, Bárcenas has said that he does not know if the leadership of the party at the time knew that it was going to be paid in b. “I did not consult with my superior because my superior was Lapuerta, I do not know if he gave knowledge to the leadership,” he added.

      Another leg of Bárcenas’ statement has been that he has set an end date to box b of the PP: 2010. In 2009, he has narrated, Gürtel begins to judge himself and “not a single businessman approaches”. “It is decided to liquidate the balance and hand it over to the party president,” who at that time it was Mariano Rajoy.

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