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The reasons may be varied, but the ending is the same: a staggering disappointment. Sometimes you tend to think that celebrities They know their partners at all the parties they attend, on film shoots or even that sometimes their agents are the ones who arrange meetings for them. But even with everything, there is always the final step of liking each other and for this it is necessary to have an appointment.

And dating can be catastrophic. Magazine People has compiled all that a series of stars have counted at some point, in which every situation becomes more embarrassing, that date in which they wanted the earth to swallow them because the person in front of them would only be a bad anecdote to tell in the future.

For example, Charlize Theron. The South African actress told Jimmy Kimmel on her late show that she was enjoying a “lovely” evening with a “super handsome” man. She and the aforementioned, after he had taken her to his door in the car, had begun to kiss. I mean, a good date … until he made a strange request.

“He moved away and whispered to me: ‘Do it with my nose,'” she commented between laughter that the interpreter could not contain. “I didn’t want to spoil it so I gave her a little kiss on the tip of her nose And he said, ‘No, do it with your nose!’ “ Theron explained, not explaining how it all ended.

And the humorist Tiffany Haddish also knows about strange propositions (Girls plan, Tuca’s voice in Tuca & Bertie), which he recalled. “I went on a date with a guy … to wash his clothes. He said we were going to dinner, and we had dinner, but then we went to the laundry room and washed his clothes.” The journalist from TMZ told him that maybe it was not so bad to go to a laundry, Haddish sentenced: “It was horrible. I’m not your fucking maid.”

And from anger we went on to disappointment and disappointment experienced by another comedian, Mindy Kailing (The Office, The Mindy Project). As told in Reddit, her worst date, to which she went “excited” was with a boy she “really liked”. “But then it became clear that this … was not a date! The guy was delighted to have dinner with me in a platonic way and he told me about an actress that he really wanted to date. We split the bill, “Kailing added.

Less diplomatic was Kelly Clarkson, who dated a boy who was 6 feet tall, she being a little taller by an inch. “Obviously I didn’t care and we hung out together. But he proceeded to talk to me about his height for a full hour!” He recalled in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I held on for an hour. And then … I said I was going to the bathroom and left … I couldn’t stand it “he added.

Maybe because she was already experienced, not like Justin Bieber when he was 16 years old, according to he himself told in Girl’s life: “On a first date, I took a girl to an Italian restaurant And I spilled all the spaghetti on it. It was terrible, embarrassing. He never dated me again. “

Younger still was Billie Eilish, who was 13 years old when a boy kissed her in a movie theater. “I said to myself: ‘This is not being as magical as I thought it would be,’ recalled the artist from bad boy, “he was super rich, and his butler – literally his butler – took him home. I stayed there, trapped, nobody told me that they were going to leave … The guy is ugly now. “

That forgettable encounter for Camila Cabello also happened in the cinema: “She refused to tell me the name of the movie we were going to see and we got there, and it turns out it was Ouija [una película de miedo]. I think he thought it was going to be very cute because he would tuck me in when he scared me. But [en ese cine] you could lie down and there were blankets. I basically had the blanket over my head the entire movie. “

However, for a moment of shame the one that passed Bella Thorne, who had her first period in the middle of a date and, to make matters worse, was wearing a “completely white” dress. At that point, her mother told her to shut it up and take her to a Target [una cadena de grandes almacenes]. But the boy ended up getting annoyed when he realized it, saying “Well, okay, who cares?” which pissed off a very nervous Thorne, who snapped “I care!” “Then I started crying in the middle of Target,” the former Disney girl ended her story in Hollywood Life.

And from her we move on to another Disney girl: Selena Gomez. And her, also, being on a double date … where everyone would end up being stars. The singer called the radio to gracefully remember the worst date she had, and who was with the interviewee at that time: Nick Jonas. And, in addition, the other couple was made up of Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift.

The brothers, hyper-jealous of their private lives, took the girls to Central Park, although it seemed more like 2021, because between the four there was a huge safety distance. It was Nick Jonas himself who confessed that they ruined the meeting, because they walked about 8 meters away from Selena and Taylor. To top it off, they couldn’t stop the paparazzi from taking photos of them.

In the case of actress Dove Cameron, envy was the reason for a horrible date. “We went out to eat some crepes and on the bill the waiter had written ‘your girl is a sun’ “, explained the interpreter of Descendants, adding that the boy she was with took it badly. “It was a roll: ‘I just don’t understand why nobody thinks I’m me, he’s a sun!’. It was crazy and from there …”, he said.

Another who is not very learned with what he said was with whom Emma Watson had her worst date, which he narrated in 2013 to The Telegraph. “It was with a guy who explained to me why I couldn’t be friends with someone who was fat or an unattractive person. I quickly realized that he was crazy, “said the interpreter of Harry Potter.

And we ended up with Awkwafina, who had to deal with a guy who was believed to be a “hyper-intellectual” and that on their first date, as soon as the waiter arrived and without letting the actress The Farewell could order whatever she wanted, she said, “We’ll have the steak.”

“A steak for both of us,” Awkwafina recalled in a video for Vogue, “and then he goes and says: ‘And I want it well done’. I was like roll ‘but how dare you? Who wants to eat a well done steak? If that’s like eating a table! “

But the command arrived and that was not the worst. “He began to cut it into very small pieces, as he would a bird,” added the Golden Globe winner, who admitted that she stayed with him a couple more times until he realized that she was much more than him “And if I couldn’t deal with it, bye.”

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All Star Panelist Roger Simon: Critical Race Theory Is the Worst Thing to Happen to America Since World War II



Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon to the studio to discuss his recent article in response to the Brearley School letter written by the father of a student in defiance of critical race theory being pushed in the curriculum.

Leahy: We are joined in studio by the newest all-star panelist on The Tennessee Star Report, my former boss at PJTV who is now the senior editor-at-large for The Epoch Times, Roger Simon. Good morning Roger.

Simon: It doesn’t refer to my waistline.

Leahy: (Laughs) Roger, we’ve been talking education this morning with a couple of state legislators and very troublesome proposal coming out of the Biden administration. What they want to do is they want togive grants to K-12 public schools to advance. Wait for it…critical race theory. How about that?

Simon: I can’t think of anything worse. I’m with maybe advancing Maoism pure and simple or something like that. But I think critical race theory is the worst thing to happen to America since World War II.

Leahy: It’s pretty bad. You have a great column at The Epoch Times. A Real Consumer Revolution is Starting to Take Over Education. There’s a very specific incident at a very highly regarded or prestigious private school in Manhattan that prompted this column. Tell us about that.

Simon: Well, what prompted the column was a letter by a father at the prestigious Brearley School in Manhattan. The kind of place where they cost $50,000 plus to send your kid to high school. And as bad as that is. Anyway, the father very educated guy wrote a brilliant letter discussing how the curriculum at Brearley, like almost every school in the country, has been infected by nonsense like critical race theory he refers to as many other things of that ilk.

And he says I’m taking my daughter out, goodbye. Well, this letter went viral on the Internet. That’s why I wrote about it. And also it parallels what’s really going on. I’ve been meeting a lot of people in that age category or that are starting to home school their kids because what’s going on in our schools is we might as well be in Beijing. In fact, I think Beijing is probably better because they probably don’t talk as much nonsense and get down to brass tax.

Leahy: Reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Simon: Yeah, exactly. Because we have been controlling the world where we are showing off a virtue which is non-existent.

Leahy: A false virtue because they’re putting forward this critical race theory bunk from the 1619 Project. But now the Biden administration is apparently going to be giving grants to K-12 public schools teachers all around the country, including Tennessee. You just apply for it. And now I’ve been pressing members of the Tennessee General Assembly to say, look, this grant is coming right now unless you do something, there will be critical race theory grants given by the Department of Education to K-12 public school teachers in Tennessee this fall, and they’ll be teaching it.

Simon: It’s horrible. And it’s the way that the Biden administration is essentially putting something in the arms of our youth. It’s more or less like the COVID vaccine I’m sorry to say. I mean this is really despicable. And what the citizenry has to say something, because that Brearley father is to be admired because he had real guts because most people are afraid to do this because I think something bad is going to happen to their kids, or there’ll be blackballed or something. And the truth is, something worse is happening if they don’t do anything.

Leahy: And the problem that I see is that the ability of kids today to think independently is much much less than it was in our youth.

Simon: Absolutely. They’re scared to think independently because independent thought is ostracised.

Leahy: And crushed with peer pressure and pressure from the school. And it’s very difficult to do that. Now, a lot of parents look at this and say, well, I’ve got to do this because I got to get my child into a good school. And once they’re in a good school, they’ll be able to make a good living. What’s wrong with that picture?

Simon: Well, what’s wrong with it is actually, they’re being steered into the subject matter which will not make them make a good living. That’s the irony of it.  The only possible thing you can do, for example with a college major in gender studies is to teach gender studies.

Leahy: That’s the only thing you can do. That’s funny. Good point.

Listen to the full third hour here:

– – –

Tune in weekdays from 5:00 – 8:00 a.m. to the Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy on Talk Radio 98.3 FM WLAC 1510. Listen online at iHeart Radio.







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