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Lose weight and improve your health with these simple morning habits.

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You’ve been wanting to lose weight for months, feel bloated, and have little motivation to exercise and shed those extra pounds. If you usually postponing your weight loss plans always for the morning after, it’s time to take action.

Mornings are the best time to do your best to lose weight, in fact it has been proven that the habits with which you start the day they determine what the rest will be like.

It is also the perfect time to create firm routines that lead to great results. Based on this, we took on the task of selecting the 5 rituals that you cannot miss in your mornings, are associated with great benefits for speed up metabolism and burn calories throughout the day.

1. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach

We start with a classic of classics. Probably one of the most popular rituals is to start the day drinking warm water with lemon, which is a simple custom that is related to benefits to cleanse the digestive system and improve metabolism. In fact it is a very famous and supported technique in Japanese culture and medicine. Ayurveda. His followers highly recommend drink two cups of clean, warm water to conserve energy throughout the day. It is important that the water is simply warm-hot, never boiling as it could cause a shock in the system; in fact, some currents advise drinking a large glass of fresh water after this ritual.It is also a good idea add a little citrus flavor like lemon, to get a good dose of antioxidants first thing in the morning. It is well known that lemon is one of the most powerful and medicinal fruits, have cleansing properties and positively stimulates the immune system.

Warm water with lemon. / Source: Shutterstock 2. Keep your water bottle full and close at hand

Starting the day with the powerful warm water ritual is the perfect motivator for enhance hydration, don’t waste another moment on the right track and keep your water bottle close throughout the day It will be easier to drink water! According The experts, staying hydrated during the day promotes weight loss. In fact the reason is simpler than you think, drink water helps to avoid eat and drink extra calories in the form of other high-calorie beverages. Therefore, create the habit that systematically consuming water throughout the day will make us feel more satisfied and therefore we control our appetite much more. The best advice is to fill a bottle of water and take it with you wherever you go, without realizing it you will be drinking much more. Other good tip is to drink a couple of glasses before going out to do any activity. Remember that drinking enough water is essential and it is a habit that it will benefit your physical and mental health.Bet on drinking at least 2 liters a day.

Bottle of water./Photo: Shutterstock 3. Breakfast time: Eat lots of protein and fiber

In recent months much has been said about the importance of breakfast, which has been cataloged as the most crucial meal of the day. In fact recently several specialists have spoken about the consequences of skipping breakfast, it is believed that it may be a clear invitation to some extra kilos. Therefore you should make sure that the breakfast you eat is rich in proteins and fibers. The reason is simple: proteins tend to take longer to digest and therefore help the body to secrete the intestinal hormone, the YY peptide, which makes us feel full. According a experiment conducted at the University of Missouri on a group of women ages 18 to 55 a few years ago, it was revealed that a protein rich breakfast it kept them more satisfied throughout the day than a meal with less protein but the same amount of fat and fiber. The team, led by research scientist Kevin Maki, found that eating around 35 grams of protein for breakfast, which is the equivalent of a four-egg omelette or two sausages and a slice of bacon, it helped regulate the appetite. Based on this, the theory of the immense benefits of start the day eating eggs, They provide proteins of high biological value that boost metabolism. In fact, this type of protein not only induce a feeling of satietyBut it also burns calories throughout the day. On the other hand, bet on the fiber found in fresh fruits and vegetables (unlike other carbohydrates) is not easy for your body to digest, which provides a great feeling of satiety. As a final reminder: avoid sugary foods as they tend to spike insulin and trigger overeating and other food cravings.

Egg omelette./Photo: Pixabay 4. Make a sandwich for later

Each of the food decisions that we make in the morning, influences throughout the day. So after preparing your rich breakfast full of protein and fiber, follow with a healthy snack for noon. Remember that the body works like a machine that needs to replenish energy every few hours, therefore consuming a healthy snack is ideal for keep metabolism active and they will get you on the direct path to losing weight. It will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare and the difference will be noticeable, bet on a sandwich with whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese and vegetables, an avocado toast or a little Greek yogurt with red and dried fruits.

Healthy snack./Photo: Pxhere 5. Give yourself time to sweat and exercise

No morning ritual will have the same effect if you don’t exercise. In fact, it has been proven that getting physical activity in the morning, may be the best help to accelerate weight loss. For more context: lExperts say that while exercise or physical activity should be part of your daily lifestyle, exercising in the morning may be the best habit you can instill to lose extra pounds. In addition to record a boost in metabolism, the morning hours are the best for sweating as there are no distractions and you start the day with a clear and energetic mood. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be strenuous physical activity, about 20 minutes of strength training a day in the morning will give you a bigger metabolic boost. You will feel great!

Exercise./Photo: Shutterstock

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Worker Installing Sewage Line Killed After Trench Collapses, Trapping Man in Rising Water

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. (CBS4) – A construction worker who was helping install sewage lines for a new housing development drowned Friday night after firefighters say the 25-foot-deep hole he was working in collapsed and trapped him. The worker, who has not been publicly identified, was stuck in the dirt as water continued to rise quickly.

Efforts by coworkers and first responders to free the man fell short due to the unstable dirt and rising liquids.

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(credit: Loveland Fire)

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority Battalion Chief Tim Smith said trench walls, which are large metal barriers which help prevent such tragedies, were not being used at the time of the collapse.

Smith said multiple agencies, and more than 65 firefighters, responded to the scene in an effort to try and save the man.

“Very early on we knew it was what we call a trench rescue,” Smith told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas. “There were three of his coworkers that were already in the hole trying to help him out.”

Smith said the worker was in a round hole which was shape much like a funnel. He was stuck at the bottom of the circle with water quickly rising.

The man’s coworkers said he was trying to install a sewage pipe when the ground gave way, trapping his feet. As water in the hole continued to rise those on scene were unable to dig him out or stop the rising water.

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(credit: Loveland Fire)

“(The collapse) trapped him in that position, and the water kept on rising, and they weren’t able to get the water out,” Smith said. “It was very dangerous for us to operate in. We were quickly realizing this was going to become a recovery.”

Heavy rescue teams from as far as western Loveland were dispatched to the scene to try and access the worker. Firefighters would normally use makeshift wooden trench walls and air struts to stop the collapsing soil. However, due to the trench being a circular shape and not a rectangle, those devices were all-but useless.

“They’re designed to hold the dirt back. Then we use air struts or wood to help stabilize that. That is typically what we would use, but we didn’t have a standard trench,” Smith said.

Though it is impossible to know if they would have saved a life, Smith said the use of a common construction site trench wall would have increased the odds that the worker would have survived the collapse.

“(A trench wall) wasn’t in place, so we didn’t have any safety devices on scene,” Smith said. “They don’t prevent everything. But, they slow down what could be a catastrophe.”

The death, which happened in the developing Thompson River Ranch neighborhood near Interstate 25 and U.S. 36, marks the second fatal trench collapse in that region of Northern Colorado in the past three years. In 2018 two men were killed in the neighboring town of Windsor when a trench collapsed during a housing development project.

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Trench walls were not being used in that collapse either.

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