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It takes it all away! Kendall Jenner leaves everyone speechless | AP

The beautiful model Kendall jenner Once again, she has taken everything away from the famous Instagram social network and has left her millions of followers in an uproar, because if there is one way that fascinates them, it is to see her, it is how God brought her into the world.

Kendall Jenner has once again revolutionized social networks with one of her poses, because if we thought that she could no longer surprise us, but then she arrives and surprises everyone.

In the photograph the socialite She appears lying without a single pink garment on a stone table and holding a cigarette, but before people begin to criticize her for this, the model has made it clear that she does not smoke.

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It should be mentioned that this photograph is already several months ago, from July 24, 2017 to be exact, however, it is worth remembering, as it is one of his most artistic photographs.

I don’t smoke, “Kendall wrote in the post.

Kendall Jenner, one of the youngest of the Kardashian dynasty with Kylie and constantly shares attractive photos on her social networks in which she appears totally without clothes.


As expected, this photograph caused a great uproar among its followers and to this day the publication has more than 3 million likes and endless comments from users of the social network.

In the text that accompanies the photograph there is no mention of companies or brands, so we have to think that Kendall likes to become a muse of the forest during her free time and pose that natural.

Exercise routine for your dream figure

There is no doubt that it is indisputable that Kendall Jenner’s body is a complete inspiration to break the barrier between which you do not feel like exercising and suddenly being dressed in your favorite leggings ready to start a routine.

And it is that the demanding career as a model of Kendall Jenner does not always allow her to be able to dedicate a lot of time to exercising, but it is true that the only way to achieve a figure like hers is through perseverance.

It is for this reason that even when she does not have much time, she goes to these types of routines that do not demand too much time from her and that she can even do while watching television.

In fact, on several occasions he has shared on his social networks that sometimes when he watches television he thinks he should be doing sit-ups and at that moment he gets up from the couch and does it.

What the planks have is that it is a strength exercise that demands a great effort from all the muscles of the body, particularly the abdomen, and that they are perfect for toning in a short time.

Planks on forearms

For 30 seconds you will maintain the push-up position, but on forearms, that is, bending the elbows that are open to the width of the shoulders. Your feet can go together or hip-width apart for stability. Push your waist up so that you are in a straight line without allowing your pelvis to sag over time.

High griddle

You will do it for 30 seconds and when you do this exercise as a recommendation by Melissa Alcantara, Kim Kardashian’s coach, even try to make a slight bend with your back, since this ensures that your hips do not drop and you keep the line straight with your body.

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Side plank on elbows

Place your right forearm so that your elbow and shoulder are aligned, you will rise with the strength of the abdomen, pushing the waist as much as you can up, while your two feet are stacked one on the other and you exhale both legs as more than you can. You are going to have this pose for 15 seconds on each side.

The truth is that it should not take more than 15 minutes for you to activate your whole body with this set and it is also ideal for days when you have little time or only if you want to activate it when you wake up to start the day with more energy, or even like Kendall Jenner does, while you enjoy your favorite movie or series.

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I was just yards away from Prince Philip’s funeral and saw the Royal Family’s pain up close

I WAS just two yards away from the raw emotion of the Royal Family as they said farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh.

For a man who famously wanted “no fuss” and told his offspring to “just get on with it” the Duke of Edinburgh’s final journey was filled with sorrow. And I could see the family’s pain up close.

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17I was just yards away from the raw emotion at Prince Philip's funeral and saw the pain up closeCredit: The Sun 17The Queen sat alone during the service in WindsorCredit: AP 17The Duke of Edinburgh’s final journey was filled with sorrow

The Duke, who planned every moment of yesterday’s moving funeral service, had arranged for me as a photographer to hide inside a fake pillar at the top of the stairs leading to St George’s Chapel.

With a letter box-shaped slit, it was just like the bird-watching hides where Prince Philip spent hours during his retirement at Sandringham, his Norfolk estate.

From the most unusual vantage point of my 44 years of photographing the royals, I was close enough to see Prince Charles — the man I have known for more than half his life — look broken.

Close to tears, I could see he realised the weight of the task ahead to look after his mother and the monarchy.

As they passed me on their way into the nave of St George’s Chapel, Windsor, William and Harry never glanced at each other.

Watching Princess Anne, her husband Tim Laurence, Prince Edward and Peter Phillips, I realised that every single one of them will have to accompany the Queen for the rest of her life.


Prince Harry has chosen a life without duty to the Queen on the other side of the world.

I was so glad to discover that he had walked out of the chapel afterwards chatting to William and Catherine.

It was a sign I had been praying for that this unique royal would show there is hope of a reconciliation in the House of Windsor.

From my “hide”, I could see the immense pride etched on the faces of the eight Royal Marines chosen to be pallbearers for the man who had been their Captain General for 64 years.

In their black tunics with red sashes, they marched the grand old Duke halfway up the stone staircase before halting, shouldering his lead-lined coffin of English oak while the nation held a minute’s silence.

In those 60 seconds, I remembered the last ceremonial royal funeral I covered.

17The Duke had arranged for Sun photographer to hide inside fake pillar 17Harry bows his head in the chapelCredit: pixel8000 17Tearful Charles watches as his father is taken on his final journeyCredit: AP

Philip — as he had been all his married life — was at his wife’s side to give her support in her darkest hour at her own mother’s funeral.

The Queen Mum, who died shortly before her 102nd birthday, lay in state for a week while hundreds of thousands of people filed past her body.

On top of his coffin lay his Admiral’s cap and sword given to him by King George VI in honour of his distinguished war service in the Royal Navy.

That service took him to Tokyo Bay the very moment Japan’s evil empire surrendered.

And I recalled the day on a royal tour to the Far East one of the Emperor’s staff was overheard asking the Duke: “Have you been to Japan before?” The prince smiled to himself and said: “No I haven’t.” He could be tactful but not too often.

Later, seeing those haunting TV pictures of the Queen in black sitting all on her own in Chapel Quire, it dawned on me there is no longer anyone left in the world to call her “Lilibet”.

17Prince Andrew looks sombre as he temporarily removes his maskCredit: AP 17The Queen sits alone in St George's Chapel as her husband is laid to restCredit: PA 17Princess Anne, who was particularly close to her father, appears emotionalCredit: AFP

Her mother did, her sister Margaret did and Philip did. They have all gone.

It’s a lonely life being head of state in any country and you need a good partner to help you get through it each day.

The Queen could confide in Philip.

Most probably, there was not a single secret she did not share with him and he would give her the honest, unvarnished advice she needed to make the right decisions. But 99 was a good age to live to and I am so glad they were together for those final days.

There is no doubt Prince Philip wanted to leave hospital and go home to spend his last moments with the woman he loved.

Yesterday, the nation and the world cried for her and the loss of her beloved Philip.

17The Queen’s note to her husband of 73 years rests on a wreath of white lilies and rosesCredit: AP 17Penned on Windsor Castle-headed paper, it reads 'In loving memory' 17The royals walk behind the coffinCredit: i-Images

On Wednesday, it will be the Queen’s 95th birthday but it will be no celebration whatsoever.

The Royal Family will still be in mourning and I expect the Queen will open the gifts and the cards but in her heart she will still be thinking where is the card from Philip?

It is not there. Where is the present from Philip? Not there. It will be the first time in nearly 75 years together he has missed her birthday. She has lost a great man.

Prince Philip was not just a consort to our Queen but a great human being.

The Duke was such a great employer that his staff never wanted to leave him, ever.

I saw his two pages, his ­private secretary and his personal protection officer walking behind his coffin on the most unusual hearse I have ever seen at a royal funeral.

Queen's words for beloved

THE Queen’s note to her husband of 73 years rests on a wreath of white lilies and roses as his coffin is carried into St George’s Chapel.

Penned on Windsor Castle-headed paper, it appeared to read: “In loving memory” and is signed “Lilibet”.

Her Majesty chose the flowers placed on Prince Philip’s personal standard.

17The Queen watches as the coffin is carried into the chapelCredit: PA 17Her Majesty has never ruled without Philip at her sideCredit: pixel8000 17The funeral complied with Covid regulationsCredit: AFP Most read in NewsLAID TO RESTWilliam & Kate pay tribute to 'devoted consort' Philip after stirring funeralLOYAL FRIENDLoyal lady-in-waiting who rode with Queen in Bentley to Philip's funeralMAN DOWNSoldier collapses in hot sun outside Prince Philip's funeralUNITED IN GRIEFKate acts as peacemaker as Harry & Will have private chat at Phil's funeralFULL OF EMOTIONPrince Charles fights back tears as he pays respects to dad PhilipCASTLE ARRESTTopless woman held outside Windsor Castle after shouting 'save the planet!'

You’d have thought a man who spent much of his life at the reins of four charging horses would want his coffin placed on a gun carriage like the warrior princes of old.

But it was typical of the Duke that he was carried to his final resting place on a Land Rover — the farmers’ trusty work horse.

When his coffin went past my hidey hole and into the Chapel — my last sight of the man I have been photographing for 40 years — I was overwhelmed with memories of an incredible man.

Tribute in homeland

A CHURCH service was held for Prince Philip at his birthplace on Corfu.

The 40-minute memorial took place at Saint Spyridon Church in the old town of the Greek island’s capital.

The Duke was born on the dining room table of the Mon Repos villa in June 1921, to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Mayor Meropi Ydraiou said: “Prayers were said for him. It was very moving.

“His death has touched a lot of older people who have memories of the Royal Family.”

The Corfu Heritage Foundation said: “Other memorials will take place starting with his birthday on June 10.”





Prince Philip funeral - Prince Charles fights back tears as funeral procession arrives at St. George's Chapel

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