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These colorful vegan recipes are perfect for parties, Instagram, or anytime you want your meal to be a little more fun! They are also super healthy! Without any artificial dyes, you can have vibrant and aesthetic food. It’s the beauty of fruits and vegetables! These colorful vegan recipes are also great for getting picky eaters to eat more vegetables.

The rainbow colors could attract anyone!

Eat the rainbow! Try out one of these 15 colorful vegan recipes from our Food Monster App! They’re absolutely amazing!

1. Colorful Roasted Root Veggies

Source: Colorful Roasted Root Veggies

These Colorful Roasted Root Veggies by James Wythe are really quick and simple to prepare. It will add some serious color to your table. You can always get creative and add anything you wish to it.

2. Half Rainbow Slaw

Source: Half Rainbow Slaw

This flashy colorful Half Rainbow Slaw by The Adventurous Eaters Club by Misha and Vicky Collins just may be your kid’s favorite. With its tart flavor and satisfying crunch, it may turn your kid into such a die-hard cabbage lover. Let your kids do all the grating so they get the chance to work with these colorful veggies. Excerpted from THE ADVENTUROUS EATERS CLUB by Misha and Vicki Collins, reprinted with permission from HarperOne and imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Copyright 2019.

3. Easy Rainbow Bruschetta

Source: Easy Rainbow Bruschetta

It is sweet tomato, balsamic and garlic-y deliciousness, and this recipe is no exception. It’s also so quick and easy, but the rainbow colors make it look extra fancy… what’s not to love?! You have to try this Easy Rainbow Bruschetta by Heather Larson!

4. Eat the Rainbow Zoodles

Source: Eat the Rainbow Zoodles

Eat the rainbow! Enjoy these rainbow zoodles any night of the week, to feed a crowd at a St. Patrick’s Day party, or a rainbow-themed party. It’s naturally gluten-free, vegan, Whole30 compliant, Paleo and Keto. Fun… colorful… healthy… what’s not to love about these Eat the Rainbow Zoodles by Holly Bertone?

5. Four Layer Raw Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

Source: Four Layer Raw Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

Raspberries, avocados, blueberries, and saffron lend their colors and flavors to this show-stopping Four Layer Raw Rainbow Ice Cream Cake by Dani Venn. The pastels make it look like something out of a fairytale! As if this cake wasn’t amazing enough, it’s topped with coconut-crusted vanilla bliss balls – mega yum!

6. Fresh Rainbow Rolls With Miso Peanut Sauce

Source: Fresh Rainbow Rolls With Miso Peanut Sauce

This is a beautiful dish that, believe it or not, tastes even better than it looks! Dipped in the flavorful peanut sauce, you will not be able to get enough of these Fresh Rainbow Rolls With Miso Peanut Sauce by Heather Larson!

7. Rainbow Ribollita

Source: Rainbow Ribollita

Ribollita, by definition, is a Tuscan bread soup. This veganized version of it is soothing and colorful. Give this feel-good Rainbow Ribollita by Heather Larson a try and you won’t be disappointed.

8. Eat the Rainbow Salad

Source: Eat the Rainbow Salad

Oh, the dance of flavors in this Eat the Rainbow Salad by Clean Enough: Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert, Katzie Guy-Hamilton. It has earthy grated sweet potato mingling with the sweet and juicy grated or peeled carrots. A whisper of tahini adds a bit of creaminess to the otherwise vinegary concoction, rounded out with chamomile-scented pickled raisins and bright fresh herbs. Despite its being a raw salad, this is something that feels almost soft and unctuous, deeply satisfying while cleansing and vitamin-packed.

9. Unicorn Toasts

Source: Unicorn Toasts

Now that the Instagram world is raving about the trend of pastel-colored foods, it seems imperative to create a little tutorial about how to make healthy unicorn toasts. Eating rainbow-colored foods became a way to consume more superfoods in our dishes! The recipe for these Unicorn Toasts by Ambra Torelli is perfect for putting on the table a healthy and nutritious snack that no one can say no! And if you do it with children, it also becomes a fun way to get together and propose a creative activity to your little ones!

10. Beetroot Falafel Rainbow Salad

Source: Beetroot Falafel Rainbow Salad

These falafels store well in the fridge so you can pull them out when in need of a quick lunch or easy dinner, and they freeze well too. Serve this Beetroot Falafel Rainbow Salad by Dani Venn with cashew mayo or a pesto for more of a kick!

11. Avocado Pesto Pizza

Source: Avocado Pesto Pizza

This is the ultimate healthy vegan pizza. Packed full of good fats from the avocado, pine nuts, and olive oil and topped with colorful and nutritious vegetables, this pizza will have you feeling amazing. The chickpea flour base is naturally gluten-free and full of protein! It may look like a lot to do but it’s actually very simple to create. This healthy Avocado Pesto Pizza by James Wythe is the perfect dinner to make after a busy day when you just want to unwind and eat something good. Try it out!

12. Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Cilantro Burger

Source: Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Cilantro Burger

With sweet potato, quinoa, and gluten-free bread crumbs, this flavorful Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Cilantro Burger by Maria Koutsogiannis will leave you full and satisfied. They’re baked, then broiled to give them that extra crispiness that pairs perfectly with crunchy cabbage, guac, and greens. This recipe makes a large batch at around ten burgers, so it’s perfect for when you need to serve a crowd or for when you’re cooking for future meals.

13. Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Source: Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

This Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl by Kennedy Kitchings is extremely simple but that’s something that you will love so much about it. Simple and satisfying!

14. Savory Saffron Kombu Congee

Source: Savory Saffron Kombu Congee

Congee is a is a rice pudding that’s commonly served throughout Asia. This delectable Savory Saffron Kombu Congee by Valentina Chiappa checks all of the boxes for a tasty meal. The creamy congee is mixed with fresh green beans, bitter arugula, tender carrots, strips of kombu, and a bit of saffron that gives this umami-bomb a subtle nuance that’s truly special.

15. Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

Source: Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

This beast of a veggie sandwich consists of several layers. You can choose to use regular bread or bagel bread, and add plant based cream cheese, avocado, sprouts, and all the good green stuff! This Ultimate Veggie Sandwich by Gina Fontana is definitely goals.

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Massive Chemical Plant Fire In Rockton, Illinois, Could Burn For Days

By Brandon Merano and Jermont Terry

ROCKTON, Ill. (CBS) — Authorities are allowing a massive chemical plant fire in Rockton, Illinois, burn itself out, which could take several days, rather than risk chemical runoff spilling into the nearby Rock River.

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The fire has prompted Gov. JB Pritzker to send in the Illinois National Guard.

Fire department officials said the air near the plant is safe at ground level, and no workers were injured in the explosion and fire at the Chemtool factory in Rockton, near the Wisconsin state line. The fire prompted a mandatory evacuation order near the plant.

The fire began around 7 a.m. at the Chemtool plant at 1165 Prairie Hill Rd. Some neighbors in the area reported hearing small explosions as the fire started burning. The company manufactures fluids, lubricants, and grease products for machinery.

CBS 2’s Brandon Merano reported he himself could see the plume of smoke from the fire from 50 miles away as he headed to the scene.

“It literally looked like we had a volcano going off, and the smoke was so intense,” said area resident Ryan Chester.

More than 40 fire departments were called in to help contain the fire, fighting falling debris and grass fires in nearby yards.

“The debris falling down — we had a few ashes and stuff come down in the street, but nothing like what we saw coming down in the neighborhoods behind Chemtool,” Chester said. “It’s just massive. It’s insane.”

Nearly 12 hours later the fire continues to burn at the Rockton plant. @Brandon_Merano was out here all day. I’ll pick up the story and have a live report at 10pm @cbschicago

— Jermont Terry (@JermontTerry) June 14, 2021

Rockton Police said the Rockton Fire Protection District has ordered a mandatory evacuation for all homes and businesses within one mile of the factory. As of late Monday night, a total of 1,500 people living within five blocks of the plant had been evacuated from their homes.

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported, emergency crews had to monitor overnight to ensure that others were not in immediate danger with darkness.

#Rockton – a massive fire is burning at the Chemtool manufacturing plant. Fire dept issued a mandatory evacuation for anyone within a mile of the building. Large flames/some explosions. Gigantic plume of smoke (we could see it earlier this morning all the way from West Chicago).

— Jeanette Hudson (@JHudsontraffic) June 14, 2021

Residents were advised to proceed to either Stephen Mack Middle School or Roscoe Middle School at 6121 Elevator Rd. in Roscoe. The Salvation Army and Red Cross were on standby at the school sites.

Others said they would rent a hotel room for the night or stay with family.

Winnebago County Public Health Administrator Dr. Sandra Martell also said anyone within three miles of the fire should wear a face mask when outdoors.

Meanwhile, Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson said crews are letting the fire burn itself out, rather than pouring any more water on it, out of concern about chemical runoff into the nearby Rock River. Wilson said it could take a matter of days for the fire to completely burn itself out.

“That’s the best thing that we can do right now,” Wilson said. “The main thing is that we don’t want an environmental nightmare to occur, and the reason that we would cause that is by the use of water streams. So we stopped water operations at this point.”

Wilson said crews also have been conducting air quality tests, and have determined there is no danger to air quality at ground level.

“I assure you that there is no danger at ground level at the plant, but just for a precautionary measure, we decided that it was in the best interests of community safety that we evacuated the area,” he said.

Wilson said the fire was already burning through the roof of the plant when the first crews arrived, and at that point there was no stopping it. He said the plant already has been “pretty much consumed” by the fire.

“This was a fast-moving fire. It was wind-driven,” he said.

CBS 2 meteorologist Laura Bannon reports the massive smoke plume from the fire is even visible on weather radar. The smoke could be seen as far away as Kankakee, more than 100 miles away.

Massive smoke plume on radar from a factory fire near Rockton. Stay with @cbschicago for updates on this developing story.

— Laura Bannon (@LBannonWX) June 14, 2021

As the smoke continued billowing from the burnt up chemical plant, crews on the ground were busy putting out grass fires and working to make sure the fire did not spread.

“I want to make sure the firefighters that were working on scene were safe as well,” Wilson said.

Wilson said all 70 employees who were working at the plant at the time were safely evacuated. No workers were hurt, but one firefighter suffered a minor injury.

These are from a resident in Rockton who took these a couple hours after the explosion at Chemtool. @cbschicago

— Brandon Merano (@Brandon_Merano) June 14, 2021

On Monday afternoon, Gov. Pritzker activated the State Emergency Operation Center to respond to the fire. The response included members of the Illinois National Guard, who headed to the scene in mobile response vehicles.

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The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency have also sent crews to the area.

“I am monitoring this situation closely and will make all resources available to the surrounding communities as we work to keep people safe,” Gov. Pritzker said in a news release. “Teams from multiple state agencies are on the ground and coordinating closely with local authorities and we will continue to make additional information available as soon we have it. To those impacted, please listen to guidance from emergency officials and know that the state of Illinois is doing everything possible to protect you and your loved ones.”

Illinois EPA Director John Kim said the agency will be monitoring as the fire burns, and will also ensure that hazardous conditions are properly addressed once the fire is out.

Kim said the greatest concern late Monday was the dangerous chemicals that Chemtool uses. The plant is one of the largest of its kind in the country using substances such as antifreeze, sulfuric acid, lead, and nitrogen.

Wilson said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was also on the scene.

Rockford Fire Department Division Chief of Operations Michele Pankow said the City of Rockford and other agencies also activated the Winnebago County Emergency Operations Center to fight the fire.

The scene of this morning’s explosion at the Chemtool plant in Rockton, seen by neighbors off Fischer Road in South Beloit. Evacuation orders in place for anyone within a mile of the building. ⁦@cbschicago⁩

Photo c/o Lindsey Oswald

— Marie Saavedra (@MSaavedraTV) June 14, 2021

The explosions and fire left many alarmed. Lindsey Oswald, of nearby South Beloit, was getting her family ready for the day, when she heard the explosions and left.

“We heard a bunch of sirens, and then we opened up our sliding glass door above the river, and you could just hear explosion after explosion after explosion. And then just all the black smoke coming in across the back of our house. So I grabbed my husband. He had just gotten out of the shower and ready for work. My girls and I were just getting ready to start our day, and he went outside and saw it, and we all just got out of the house as soon as possible,” she said. “We left without our animals. Luckily, one of our neighbors, when they formally evacuated, he was able to get back in our house and grab our dog, and get him to the boarders for us until we get our bearings and figure out what we’re doing.”

A Red Cross disaster team has been deployed to the area to help people forced to evacuate their homes.

Yeah this is 30 miles out on 90

— Brandon Merano (@Brandon_Merano) June 14, 2021

“Hoping that everybody across the street was safe. Hoping that a million jobs aren’t wrecked in the recovery of this whole entire thing,” Oswald said. “There’s a million things different, you know, go through your head.”

Eric Ross also woke Monday to find a plume of smoke in the air.

“I thought it was a black cloud for the moment, but there was blue surrounding it,” he said. “And I’m like, a split second later, I knew that it was a fire.”

Fifteen whole hours later, Ross and his family were still watching what was in the air over their home.

“We don’t know what was there. We don’t know where it’s going,” Ross said. “I know that there’s debris, and you know, anything that’s blowing in the air could be a concern.”

Chemtool employs 125 people at the Rockton plant, which has been hit with two different occupational safety and health administration complaints – one in 2013 and the other just last month. The investigation not the latter complaint remained under way as of Monday.

“They are a huge employer in town and it’s going to affect a lot of families,” said Chief Wilson. “It will be devastating.”

The company has confirmed all of their workers are safe and accounted for. They do not yet know what caused the explosion and fire, and have deployed a risk management team to determine the cause.

And as more than 40 agencies fight to contain the raging fire, the realization of loss resonates with residents such as Oswald.

“Praying for all the businesses and families on that side of the river and in the Rockton community,” she said. “It’s heartbreaking. You get to know these people really well throughout your life, so it’s just a lot to take in a day.”

Chester praised the quick action from first responders and the community impulse to come together.

“The quick response from all the communities and fire departments from all over the state and Wisconsin have been tremendous,” he said. “It’s been awesome to see the community rally together behind people who have been displaced or those workers at Chemtool.”

When she learned the fire could go on burning for several days, area resident Michelle Taormino said: “We’ll that’s a little concerning. If anything changes, we have lots of safe places to go.”

As the sun set, crews must monitor closely the wind directions overnight. The darkness makes it harder to see where the smoke is blowing.

Ross’ home is just under two miles away. They have been advised to wear masks, but they are hoping they don’t get a knock in the middle of the night.

“Hell yeah, I think it would be a little different once the black cloud comes over to get us,” Eric Ross said.

Wilson said late Monday that he did not know when evacuated residents would be allowed to return home. He said air quality checks were under way in Rockton and nearby Roscoe.

Just took this from about 1.5 miles away from Chemtool plant. Really shows the magnitude of this fire that has been burning in Rockton since the early morning.

— Brandon Merano (@Brandon_Merano) June 14, 2021

MORE NEWS: Chicago Weather: Dry And Not As Hot

Investigators late Monday were still trying to determine what caused the explosion.

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