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CNN analyst and fired New Yorker magazine writer Jeffrey Toobin is back on the air eight months after he was caught masturbating during a work Zoom call, and conservative news pundits are not happy about it

'The View' co-host Meghan McCain and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly took to Twitter to slam CNN for welcoming Toobin back this week after suspending him over the incident last fall.


Toobin, 60, was fired from his longtime staff writing position at the New Yorker magazine in November after he exposed himself to colleagues during the video call a month earlier. 

'This is garbage,' McCain tweeted on Thursday. 'Why does the media protect these old white male dinosaurs in this industry?'

'No woman on PLANET EARTH would be welcomed back on network tv after being caught masturbating in front of her colleagues.'

Meghan McCain and Megyn Kelly are leading outcry at CNN for welcoming Jeffrey Toobin back on the air eight months after he was caught masturbating during a work Zoom conference call

McCain voiced her disgust in a tweet on Thursday, writing: 'This is garbage'

Toobin was welcomed back by CNN for the first time on Thursday for a fawning interview in which he issued to a groveling apology to his colleagues for his 'deeply moronic' behavior and said he was 'incredibly grateful' for being allowed back on air 

'What does working at a food bank have to do with this?' McCain questioned in response to Toobin saying he had been volunteering since the incident last November.

The lawyer, who is also a CNN analyst, was only suspended by the cable network at the time.

Toobin was welcomed back by CNN for the first time on Thursday for a fawning interview in which he issued to a groveling apology to his colleagues for his 'deeply moronic' behavior and said he was 'incredibly grateful' for being allowed back on air.  

'I'm sorry to the people who were on the Zoom call,' he said in his first interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota. 

'The View' co-host Meghan McCain took issue with Toobin's light punishment, calling him a 'dinosaur' and chastising the network for allowing him back

McCain was not the only pundit to call out the network for allowing Toobin back on the air. The daughter of late Arizona Senator John McCain retweeted former Fox News and Today host Megyn Kelly's tweet, which echoed her own sentiments regarding Toobin's light punishment.

'There is not a woman alive who could have done anything close to what Jeffrey Toobin did (not that one would) and kept her job,' Kelly wrote. 'What a disgusting, incestuous boys’ club. So damned tired of it.'

'SO F****** TIRED OF IT!!!!' McCain captioned the retweet.

Asked if he had thought about what it was like to be on the receiving end of the Zoom call, Toobin said: 'They were shocked and appalled.' 

'I think they realized that this was not intended for them. I think they realized that this was something that I would immediately regret, as I certainly did. 

'It was then, it was that day that I began apologizing and that is something that I have tried to continue to do both publicly and privately.' 

Toobin exposed himself to his New Yorker colleagues and masturbated during the Zoom call back in October while they were preparing for their election coverage. 

He still maintains that he thought he had muted himself on the Zoom call and was no longer visible. 

'Obviously I wasn't thinking very well, or very much, and it was something that was inexplicable to me. I wouldn't say in my defense because nothing is in my defense but I didn't think that I was on the call. I didn't think other people could see me. I thought I had turned off the Zoom call,' he said.

'That is not a defense, this was deeply moronic and indefensible but that is part of the story.' 

Toobin went on to say that he had spent 'seven miserable months' off-air 'trying to be a better person'. He added that he had been in therapy and had spent time volunteering. 

'I am trying to become that person that people can trust again,' he said.  

Toobin was welcomed back by CNN for the first time on Thursday for a fawning interview with Alisyn Camerota in which he issued to a groveling apology to his colleagues

During his first appearance back on air, Toobin apologized to his wife Amy McIntosh and his three children

Speaking about the New Yorker's decision to fire him, Toobin said he believed the punishment was 'excessive'. 

'I am a flawed human being who makes mistakes. There is no defense for my conduct. The only issue is what should be the consequences.

'The New Yorker made one decision about the consequences, CNN made a different decision. I am not going to come up here and try to split hairs and try to come up with justifications.

'It was wrong, it was stupid and I'm trying to become a better person. 

'I am incredibly grateful to CNN for taking me back.'  

Toobin is now resuming his role as CNN's legal analyst following the months long hiatus. 

Welcoming him back on air, Camerota told Toobin during their exchange: 'Many of us have really missed having your legal analysis to guide us on our programs, so let me be the first to welcome you back.'  

Twitter immediately lit up following his return to the air with some slamming CNN for giving him the platform to explain his 'moronic' behavior.   

'Maybe the reason @CNN didn't cover Hunter Biden using the N word was because they were all at @JeffreyToobin's welcome back party on zoom,' former White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted. 

Another said: 'CNN couldn't find any other legal analyst but Jeffrey Toobin to come their network. Hard times at CNN.' 

Others pointed to how awkward the interview was, with one saying: 'Good grief. How uncomfortable does Alisyn Camerota look to have be there with Jeffrey Toobin.'  

Toobin had been a staff writer at the New Yorker since 1993 before he was fired over the Zoom incident. 

He has been a CNN contributor since 2002. 

He famously covered the OJ Simpson trial for the New Yorker in the 1990s and later wrote a book about his coverage that became the basis of the The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story TV show in 2016.

Prior to joining the New Yorker, Toobin had worked as an Assistant United States Attorney in Brooklyn and is a Harvard graduate. 

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Software tycoon John McAfee, who died from an apparent suicide in a Spanish jail cell Wednesday, sent a cryptic tweet last year that if he was found hanged behind bars like Jeffrey Epstein, “it would be no fault of mine.”

“I am content in here. I have friends,” the eccentric entrepreneur tweeted on Oct. 15. “The food is good. All is well.”

“Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.”

McAfee, 75, was found hanging in his Barcelona cell Wednesday, just hours after a Spanish court ruled that he would be extradited to the US to face federal tax evasion charges.

Officials said they ruled out foul play in his death, according to El Pais newspaper.

His Oct. 15 tweet referenced millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who hanged himself in his New York jail cell in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

But the October tweet was part of a long string of posts on Twitter by McAfee since he was jailed in Spain that month — many of them making light of his situation.

John McAfee’s tweet from October 2020 about prison suicide.Twitter

In his most recent post, McAfee retweeted a Father’s Day greeting from his wife.

“Happy Father’s Day @officialmcafee,” Janice McAfee wrote. “Though you are spending the day in prison know that you are loved and appreciated.”

Most of the tech giant’s posts, however, were about prison life.

“Prison is no worse then (sic) living in your mother-in-law’s house,” he wrote on Oct. 23. “With an overbearing spouse and ten children.”

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Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee dead after hanging himself in jail McAfee, the founder of a antivirus software company, was arrested...

“Prison rule #3,” he tweeted a week later. “Never snitch to the guards for any offense.”

“I have been move again to an even more undesirable cell block and my new friend said: ‘if someone steals from you stab them when they’re not looking. Not my style.”

In a post in January, he bemoaned his circumstances and questioned the severity of his treatment.

“I’ve been three months in a Spanish prison,” McAfee said.

“If I could choose a place to be, prison would not top my list,” he said. “If lawmakers were required to spend a single day in prison before being allowed to make laws penalties for nonviolent crimes would be drastically less severe.”

McAfee was named in a 10-count federal indictment in Tennessee in October and charged with evading millions of dollars in income taxes. He was arrested by Spanish authorities that month and jailed pending a decision on his extradition.

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