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Kim Kardashian went out with a bang.

The fashion and beauty mogul, 40, took a dip in the hot tub while on vacation with the whole family in Lake Tahoe, wearing an itty-bitty nude bikini embellished with Kimoji-inspired peaches over the nipples.

In 2018, Kardashian released a set of fragrances inspired by her famous Kimoji, creating scents inspired by a cream-dipped peach, cherries and a “vibes” text bubble (the latter of which sparked a trademark infringement lawsuit).

On Thursday night’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” series finale, sisters Kourtney and Kendall joined Kim in the hot tub to discuss her deteriorating relationship with Kanye West and what she’s looking for in her next romance.

The Skims founder also told mom Kris Jenner that she was lonely and jealous of Khloé Kardashian’s relationship with Tristan Thompson.

I mean…my kimoji bikini vibes!! ????

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) June 11, 2021

“I have all the big things,” she said. “I have the extravagant everything you could ever possibly imagine and no one will ever do it like that. I know that … and I’m grateful for those experiences. But, I think I’m ready for the smaller experiences that I think will mean a lot.”

Page Six exclusively reported in January that Kim and Kanye had quietly separated, and Kim filed for divorce in February.

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Too Hot to Handle season two stars reveal how they broke the Netflix show’s sex ban – with one couple going all the way

LOCKDOWN reality hit Too Hot To Handle is back – with more gorgeous guys and girls holed up in a paradise retreat and subjected to a sex ban.

The Netflix show was the TV addiction last summer and this year’s series is set to be even hotter.

7Netflix's Too Hot to Handle is back for a steamy second seasonCredit: Netflix

The rules are simple: contestants can go on dates and share beds – but no sex, touching, or even kissing.

Every time a couple breaks the rules, the $100,000 prize jackpot is depleted – and this series there are even more rule breaks than last time, with one couple going all the way.

The contestants – including five Brits – were lured onto the show thinking it was a new format called Parties in Paradise.

But after a few hours of boozing, mingling and getting steamy with each other, Lana the robot popped up to drop the bombshell news: they were actually on Too Hot To Handle and had to stay celibate.

We talk to six of the flirty singles and find out how they fared.

MELINDA BERRY, 28, a model from Brooklyn, New York 7Melinda from New York describes herself as a 'firecracker'Credit: NETFLIX

Describe yourself
I’m a firecracker. I went into the retreat determined to party, with my five wigs: Melrose, Bobbi-Ana, Naomi Campbell, and my natural hair, the ‘Melinda’.

Dating history
I put a lot of time into relationships in the past but when my last relationship sizzled out, I’d given up.

What did you think when Lana dropped the bombshell?
I had planned to get drunk and get laid, then that little cone popped up. I felt numb from head to toe.

How hard was it to go without sex?
I always get what I want so the idea of no sexual activity was crazy.
But after a while it was a turn-on, a game – see if you can hold out, and enjoy the ride.

Did you break the rules?
Here and there! His smile, his accent, his energy, the six-pack. The fact he played hard to get made him even harder to resist.

What was your sexiest moment?
I’m sweating now just thinking about it. I snuck into his bed as he slept and told him, ‘Just relax’.
I also had a very intimate moment between not just the two of us, but three of us.

What was your lowest moment?
He turned his attention to a new girl to make me jealous.

What did you learn?
I don’t need to drink to have a good time and sex doesn’t need to be the first thing on the line.

MARVIN ANTHONY, 26, a model from Paris 7Hunky Frenchman Marvin said he broke the rules 'a lot'Credit: NETFLIX

Describe yourself
I'm sporty, driven, an entrepreneur, and I love travelling and meeting people.

Dating history
I wouldn’t say I'm a player but girls like me because I’m not ugly! I’ve only been in one real relationship.

What did you think when Lana dropped the bombshell?
Parties in Paradise had a fake host so they tricked us! Too Hot To Handle was the number one show back home so it was great for a boy from France to do it.

How hard was it to go without sex?
I have a hard time with authority so it was hard. We had to quarantine for a month before the show so by the time we saw the girls, it was hard to keep our hands to ourselves.

Did you break the rules?
Yeah! A lot. There was one girl particularly who's also a rule-breaker and the two of us were the worst duo.

What was your sexiest moment?
We had to stay in the suite overnight and not break any rules. The room was perfect - candles, roses, and a huge bed.

What was your lowest moment?
We did a huge rule-break which made us lose a lot of money. Everyone was upset and I felt guilty.

What did you learn?
When I met girls before I only noticed them physically. Now I know you can almost fall in love just by talking to her and getting to know her.

CARLY LAWRENCE, 24, a model from Toronto 7Model Carly says she often sabotages relationshipsCredit: NETFLIX

Describe yourself
I love partying, flirting, tequila and red wine. But I’m also a bit of a dork and I like sitting in with my dog and being at home.

Dating history
I rush into a relationship and then I sabotage it. I always have a boyfriend but only for a couple of months at a time.

What did you think when Lana dropped the bombshell?
I’d been excited to get wasted and party every day so I was like, “What the heck?”

How hard was it to go without sex?
It wasn’t the sex, it was the kissing. Everyone calls me Kissing Carly because I love making out!

Did you break the rules?
Yes, I did. I think at one point I had lost more money than any of the other girls! My brain was being overruled by my body.

What was your sexiest moment?
It’s such a turn-on when you have to try not to get caught. I actually got away with some things that Lana never even knew about. I’m very discreet.

What was your lowest moment?
Some new ‘bombshell’ girls came in the house and I let my emotions get to me.

What did you learn?
On the outside world I’m scared of being judged but I learned just to be myself. I learned self-love, and I learned how I deserve to be treated by boys.

NATHAN WEBB, 27, a day trader from Dallas, Texas 7Nathan from Texas is an ex-stripperCredit: NETFLIX

Describe yourself
I’m an ex-stripper and it’s not easy when hundreds of women are throwing money at you but I do try to stay humble. I think I’m a nice guy.

Dating history
I was a serial monogamist between the ages of 15 to 24 and then after a bad break-up I went off the rails for a few years. I’m from Cheltenham originally and American girls like my James Bond accent.

What did you think when Lana dropped the bombshell?
The plan was to enjoy the company of beautiful women so it was a shock.

How hard was it to go without sex?
It sucked to begin with. Especially when I saw two girls naked in the shower soaping each other’s chests!

Did you break the rules?
I don’t believe I did! I really liked a girl and we were close but she was very keen to toe the line. If I’d been with another girl it might have been game over.

What was your sexiest moment?
An intimacy workshop, learning about different pleasure points.
A girl was rubbing ice with her mouth three inches above my groin. I had to flip over onto my stomach to hide how I felt!

What was your lowest moment?
Opening up to my girl was really tough. I cried and I had to reveal something about my past which was embarrassing.

What did you learn?
Previously I was very quick to jump into a physical relationship with someone before realising we weren’t really compatible. That can be messy.
Now I’ve taken a step back and I get to know a girl before I sleep with her.

EMILY MILLER, 27, a model from Herts 7Emily is one of the British contestants on the showCredit: NETFLIX

Describe yourself
I’m bubbly and outgoing, but very down to earth. I can get on with a brick wall. I like flirting with boys but I love going out with the girls too.

Dating history
I was a bit of a serial dater, I can’t lie! I would do four dates a week with different guys. It was a hobby for me. I like being taken out for dinner, basically.

What did you think when Lana dropped the bombshell?
Absolutely devastated. I had built a connection with a guy already and I was going to share a bed with him that night but Lana had other ideas!
He was my type down to a T: cheeky, charming and very good looking.

How hard was it to go without sex?
In real life if I wanted it, I’d have it. To be told by a robot that you can’t was very hard to come to terms with.

Did you break the rules?
Absolutely! I was the first person to break the rules. I really wanted to take the game seriously but he was so fit.

What was your sexiest moment?
I spent a night in the suite with this particular guy. We both wanted it, but not doing it made me feel very sexy. I felt really dominant, knowing how much he wanted me and not giving it to him.

What was your lowest moment?
It would have to be when the guy got taken on a date by another girl and he sort of jumped ship.

What did you learn from the experience?
That I can trust the opposite sex and it is okay to let my guard down sometimes. The guys that ran the workshops got deep down into our souls and discovered issues we’d been covering up for years.

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Describe yourself
I don’t take myself too seriously – I’m very chatty, sociable, funny and a bit of a secret nerd, too: I’ve got a Lord of the Rings tattoo.

Dating history
I would go on dates five nights a week, sometimes more. I would squeeze two in one day sometimes!
I didn’t like any form of commitment. I did sneak out of a date once after being catfished. I probably should have told her I was going home.

What did you think when Lana dropped the bombshell?
I didn’t really process the fact it was a huge show - I just heard ‘sex ban’ and thought, “I don’t think I can do this”.

How hard was it to go without sex?
Very hard. In a different environment it might have been easier - in winter, with everyone wearing trackies. But in the sunshine with girls in bikinis it was tough.

Did you break the rules?
I may have broken a few! I’m not very good with authority. I did have a bit of a roving eye but there was one girl that I kept coming back to.

What was your sexiest moment?
I was challenged to spend a night in the bedroom suite with a girl to test my will power. It was filled with candles, a big bath, champagne.
The fact we weren’t supposed to break the rules made it even sexier.

What was your lowest moment?
Realising I did have a lot of issues that I’d buried quite deeply. I had commitment and trust issues that I had to address.

What did you learn?
That a relationship is not all about sex. Previously I would always want to have sex on a first or second date. But it’s nice to get to know someone without having sex straight away.

Too Hot to Handle episodes 1 to 4 are available to stream from TODAY (June 23, 2021). The last six episodes will be available from 8am on June 30, 2021.

Netflix's Too Hot To Handle S2 promises shocking secret sex acts and LOTS of bedroom action
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