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THE City Council of Asheville will dedicate $2.1million to fund reparations as an effort at undoing the legacy of racism and slavery in the area.

The proposal was approved as part of a budget agreement passed on Tuesday in addition to making June 19 or Juneteenth, the official date marking the end of slavery in the U.

S., a paid holiday for city workers.

Getty 7 The City Council approved $2.1million for the program

Getty 7 Asheville’s bill follows the first reparations bill passed in Evanston, Illinois

The city of Asheville first approved the initiative last July when its reparations bill received unanimous approval from City Council and joined the ranks of other states that have passed a reparations bill, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Iowa.

The money for reparations will come from city land first purchased for $3.7million in the 70’s as part of a series of urban renewal programs that tore apart black communities, the Asheville Citizen-Times reports.

“We must collectively strive to close gaps of immeasurable distance between us and affirm the promise of the Declaration of Independence that all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” city mayor Mayor Esther Manheimer read in the proclamation.

The money will not go directly into pockets, but will instead be used to invest in low income Black communities and fund a series of other programs to address the racial wealth gap.

AP 7 Survivors and descendants are demanding reparations for the Greenwood Massacre of 1921

Getty 7 The Asheville program will begin by funding a speaker series

City Manager Debra Campbell said the first phase of the program will fund a speaker series to address racial disparities.

The second phase, which is set to begin next month, will focus on the formation of a Reparations Commission.

The Commission will then put together a report including recommendations and strategies for distributing the funding, set to begin in January of next year, AVL Today reports.

“There was a question about, well, how will this be spent? What are the projects?” Campbell said, according to ABC11.

“We don’t know yet. What we do know is that we have asked the commission once it is formed, to provide us with short, medium and long-term initiatives.”

Getty 7 The bill was passed as part of a budget resolution last year

Getty 7 The bill also proclaimed Juneteenth as a paid holiday for city workers

During a public hearing on the subject, some residents and speakers said they thought the $2.1million amount was not enough, and that the city should instead divest from police departments.

The move puts Asheville in the ranks of local city governments to pass reparations bills, beginning with Evanston, Illinois in March.

The Evanston program, which would give $400,000 to Black households, was expected to serve as a blueprint for the country.

The bill faced backlash after Black recipients of the money complained that the $25,000 amount could only go towards housing.

Many argued the money would eventually end up in the pockets of the same banks and real estate companies originally responsible for racist policies like “redlining,” referring to the practice of banks routinely denying Black residents housing loans.

The Asheville resolution served as inspiration for Tulsa City Counselor Mykey Arthell in his project to impose reparations to address the Tulsa race massacre on “Black Wall Street” a century ago.

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Arthell contacted the Councilman behind Asheville’s reparations bill, Keith Young, and four months later, the City of Tulsa passed its own reparations act.

The bill came amidst demands that the city pay $1 million each from lawyers for the descendants and survivors of the around 300 Black people who lost their lives during the massacre.

The Tulsa Race Massacre occurred on May 31, 1921, when a white mob stormed the predominantly Black neighborhood of Greenwood, Tulsa, dubbed “Black Wall Street” for its financial prosperity, and left 36 dead and thousands of homes burned.

Evanston, Illinois votes to APPROVE first system of $25,000 slavery reparations for black residents
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Murdered South Carolina man reportedly had other brushes with the law

More On: south carolina 7-year-old boy mauled to death by dogs in South Carolina Grisly new details emerge in murder of wealthy SC woman and son SC man murdered with mom had drunken alter ego: report Son of prominent SC legal family found murdered with mom may have been target

The 22-year-old man from a prominent South Carolina family who was found murdered with his mother reportedly had other brushes with the law in addition to being charged in a 2019 drunken boat crash that killed a young woman.

Paul Murdaugh was awaiting trial on a charge of boating under the influence causing death in the crash that killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach. Her body was found seven days after the crash.

He and his mother, 52-year-old Maggie Murdaugh, were found shot near dog kennels outside their home in Islandton on June 7.

Investigators are now probing whether Paul was the intended target of his and his mother’s murders.

According to records obtained by The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette, he received a traffic ticket in May 2020 for driving more than 15 mph over the speed limit, and was fined for a minor boating violation earlier this year in Charleston County.

In March, Paul Murdaugh received a ticket for boating with an expired fire extinguisher.South Carolina Attorney General Office

Paul was out on bond at the time of his death while facing charges of boating under the influence causing death and two counts of boating under the influence causing great bodily injury.

Two months after being sprung from jail, a judge removed the only condition of his release — allowing him to travel outside the 14th Judicial Circuit, according to the news outlet.

Although he faced BUI charges, the state did not restrict him from drinking alcohol or driving a boat, the report said.

Prosecutors also did not ask the court to consider as evidence in Paul’s bond hearing a 2017 citation he received for possession of alcohol by a minor, according to the outlet.

On March 11, he received a ticket for boating with an expired fire extinguisher near Shem Creek in Charleston County.

Records obtained by the outlet show the ticket was tied to a 2008 Scout boat owned by Murdaugh’s father, Alex Murdaugh, who works for the prestigious law firm Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth and Detrick. 

Mallory Beach was found dead from a boat crashed, allegedly caused by Paul Murdaugh while under the influence.Facebook

This was a different boat from the one involved in the 2019 crash, a 2006 Sea Hunt also owned by his dad, The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette reported.

Paul was fined $105 for the ticket and there was no evidence showing consumption of alcohol related to it, according to the outlet.

On Tuesday Colleton County Coroner Richard Harvey confirmed that Paul and his mother had been shot “multiple times.”

Police are probing whether Paul Murdaugh — who was found dead with his mother, Maggie — was the intended target.Andrew J. Whitaker/The Post And Courier via AP

He refused to answer more questions, including queries about reports that two separate firearms were used — a shotgun to kill the son and an assault rifle to gun down his mother.

The Murdaugh family is seen as a legal dynasty in South Carolina, with three generations serving as 14th Circuit solicitor covering the state’s southern tip.

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