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Samsung will win with the folding, whether or not you buy a Galaxy Z, because its best flexible OLED LTPO panels will be in practically all the folding of 2021.

It seems that effectively this year 2021 will be the year of folding mobiles, or at least that is clear from the enormous amount of news around this type of device we are seeing lately, with Samsung’s Unpacked already in the making and confirmation that South Koreans will be the biggest suppliers of flexible panels in the entire industry.

And these are not statements that we simply put on the air, as the most reputable sources in the mobile sector talk about new folding smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and even Google itself for this second half of 2021, since Samsung’s sales have been increasing and it has been shown that there is indeed interest on the part of users in these devices.

Samsung showing at an event what the folding screens of the future could be like.

Today we also know that Samsung will keep winning whether their Galaxy Fold3 and Galaxy Flip3 are sold or not, because according to Ross Young the folding market will be dominated by the Seoul giant in a key section, which is none other than that of flexible panels and its Ultra Thin Glass protection which will finally be opened to other manufacturers.

Experts in the mobile sector say that Samsung will become a ‘partner’ and supplier of practically all manufacturers that prepare a folding mobile, turning its flexible panels and its ‘Ultra Thin Glass’ into a de facto standard.

Samsung will produce folding screens for Xiaomi, vivo and (eye) also Google

The truth is that the aforementioned analyst and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants has been quite clear on his Twitter account, who also stated that Samsung is not going to keep the best of its technology to itself, also providing its partners with the best flexible panels that it is capable of manufacturing.

So we can already hope that Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo or Google have at least a quality similar to that of the Galaxy Fold in their flexible screens, with OLED LTPO panels up to 120Hz with variable refresh rate, protected by that layer of ultra-thin glass that Samsung implemented last year, greatly improving the touch in the Galaxy Z although with a plastic protection that also arrives factory placed on top.

Today’s leak – All 2021 foldables using panels from Samsung Display will be 120Hz and LTPO. This of course covers the 6.70 “Z Flip 3, 7.55” Z Fold 3 as well as the 7.57 “foldable from Google, 7.11” from Oppo, 8.2 “from Vivo and 8.1” from Xiaomi.

– Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) July 19, 2021

It should be remembered that this type of LTPO panels are capable of modify the refresh rate between 1 and 120 hertz according to needs to save energy, not like the previous AMOLED set in predefined intervals of 60, 90 or 120 Hertz did. This is one of the main improvements, and it seems that Samsung, fortunately, will not keep it exclusively.

In addition, we know that there is talk of 7.11 inches for the OPPO mobile, 8.2 in the case of vivo, 8.1 inches for the Xiaomi folding and 7.57 inches for the Google Pixel Fold, so the South Korean giant will adapt the diagonals to the manufacturer’s needs, without specifically focusing on the 6.7 inches in portrait format of its Z Flip3 or the 7.5 inches that are rumored in the case of the Fold3.

Google should be one of the manufacturers with its most advanced folding mobile, inheriting the experience of the Galaxy Z Fold2 and with possible agreements with Samsung on the horizon to bring software improvements natively to Android.

For now It has been Samsung with its Galaxy Z who has reopened the melon of a new market, so in this case it is the one who has advanced the furthest and who can contribute the most experience. It is a case similar to that of smartwatches, so it is possible that those agreements that we have seen with Wear OS and the new Galaxy Watch4 are reproduced with the Pixel Fold.

Not surprisingly, it has transpired in previous news that both the panel and the UTG glass will be present in Google’s folding mobile, which will adopt a format similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold2 taking to Android natively the software enhancements that enable advanced multitasking and productivity in the large format of these screens.

We will have to wait, but we will be attentive to see if there is another marriage, now folding, between Google and Samsung.

The third time is the charm: 2021 will be the year of folding mobiles

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Urgent warning to STOP downloading too many apps because they can leave you vulnerable to hackers

EXPERTS are warning that downloading too many apps to your phone can leave your privacy at risk and your personal information vulnerable.

Facebook and Google-owned apps can access data from your location to browsing history while others collect information from your phone even when they are not being used. 

1Many apps are not needed and ar making your data vulnerable, experts sayCredit: Rex

Many of the apps in question can be used through an internet browser, privacy specialists advise, meaning that they do not need to be downloaded directly to your device. 

By downloading them to your phone instead, users are forced to accept privacy and data terms and conditions that may leave their information at risk. 

“Use a privacy-protecting browser instead of downloading every app,” Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, CEO and co-founder of Xayn, told The Sun. 

“You really don’t need to download everything. Do you really need all of these apps?

“A variety of apps even when you don’t use them, they are damaging. A lot of apps are pretty bad.”

Lundbæk said that it is hard to “prevent everything” but urged people to be more mindful of what they download to their phone and to only install those apps they feel they can’t go without. 

“What do you use daily? Download those,” he said. 

“For everything else, you can use a browser. It offers a certain level of protection, especially if you combine that with a VPN.”


Lundbæk and his co-founder Professor Michael Huth created Xayn as an alternative to larger tech companies such as Google, which they accuse of attempting to hide the way in which your data is used. 

It offers a Google alternative that offers the convenience of the more well-known sites but doesn’t mean a trade-off in privacy protection, they say. 

“I am mindful about who is invited into my home so I’d think the same about what I have on my phone and be conservative with the apps you download,” Huth also told The Sun. 

He advised that Facebook Messenger, in particular, can use all sorts of data from users they are not aware of if permissions about what it can access are not downgraded. 

“Facebook messenger is an even worse app, it stores all sorts of information users won’t even be aware of,” he said. 

Huth also explained that many people are using phones with a capability beyond what they personally need and advised that less advanced phones should be used with only the main apps you believe you need downloaded. 


Even those apps we believe are crucial often have a more privacy-focused alternative, Lundbæk noted. 

He cited Whatsapp as an example, with Signal a popular alternative that offers better privacy features.

There was already a large exodus to Signal in the European Union after a change in Whatsapp’s terms and conditions left users concerned about how their information was being targeted.

Lundbæk said YouTube and TikTok are now among the only major apps that don’t have another more privacy-focused alternative. 

Yet admitted that it can be difficult if you are the only one using the privacy-driven apps while friends and family are using the larger tech company versions. 

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He called on those concerned about their privacy to educate others and called it a “step by step movement.”

“We have seen in the change in environmentalism, it seems that once consumers are believing in topics there is a change,” Lundbæk said. 

“Even large companies are starting now because they see it’s a market, consumers are demanding it now.”

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