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SCOTCH PLAINS, New Jersey (WABC) -- It's been a storage saga in Scotch Plains. Dozens of customers of Public Storage are angry that their belongings, which were submerged by Ida's floodwaters, were going to be tossed out by the storage giant.

"Enough is enough, these people need their stuff!" said Nina Pineda, 7 On Your Side.

"I'm out there reporting that people can get their stuff and they're told they can't get it now."

Customers showed up after being relieved last week when told they could finally access locked storage units, only to find out only customers who obtain court orders and hire remediation crews in full hazmat gear are allowed inside.

"They say one thing and do another," Pineda said to the manager.

"We didn't find out for two weeks that our units were even flooded. Now, they're saying there are bacteria and mold, only hazmat can go in of course because it's been weeks! Had we been notified, maybe we can salvage this stuff," said Bridget McGowan, Public Storage customer.

"They gave us opportunities and by the time I made an appointment they said, 'Whoops, we are changing it,' I never got an appointment," said Dee Dee Cotler, Public Storage customer.

7 On Your Side got involved to stop the trashing of belongings after Public Storage informed renters it was disposing of contents ruined by Ida's floodwaters.

It stopped only after one customer filed a court order.

"I'm so anxious, nervous, excited," said Mary Jean and Wayne Murphy, Public Storage customers.

Because of that injunction, the Murphys were allowed through the gates with a remediation team they hired to pull out the contents of their units.

"I'm just praying that there's something to remediate and save," Mary Jean Murphy said.

Her wood antiques never came out, thrown out she says, and things that could have been saved her daughter's NCAA trophies and memorabilia were ruined.

"If they had just done what said they said they would do, we wouldn't be dealing with this," Mary Jean Murphy said.

"I really hope we reach an agreement," said Jacob Davidson, an attorney. "Just like Mary Jean, to get access in the next 30 days or so, you got to remember this stuff is deteriorating!"

Twenty other renters hired the same attorney to help including former New York Giant Carl Banks has his football legacy inside, and Garry Pastore, an actor who said this a playing out like a screenplay he doesn't want any part of.

"They said they were going to do a remote viewing. They reneged, now I'm forced to hire an attorney, which I did," Pastore said.

In a statement, Public Storage said, "Keeping customers safe from the their top priority."

"We will continue to remain in direct contact with customers to ensure that they are informed of the proper next steps."

The expenses are adding up. They had to hire an attorney, and now they have to hire a remediation expert and a clean-up crew.

The Division of Consumer Affairs has received complaints about the Public Storage facility in Scotch Plains, and those complaints are open and under review. Consumers who have complaints against this business should file them with the Division by visiting its website or call 1-800-242-5846 to receive a complaint form by mail.

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I’m a hairdresser and mums are the rudest customers and ALWAYS ask for the same thing when I’ve cut their kids’ hair

A HAIRDRESSER said that she constantly has to deal with parents who expect discounts for bringing in all their kids together.

China Allred, from Texas, US said that that it would not make any sense for her to offer a two for one deal, or discounts on children's hair, as the job still takes the same amount of time.

2The hairdresser reenacted the encounter with the mumCredit: TIKTOK -/@chinaarae

Taking to her TikTok account, China explained that some mums just do not get that cutting a little girls hair can be just as much work, if not more than an adult, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

Posting under the domain @chinaarae she captioned the post "When its 'your fault' another salon messed up their hair."

China revealed that a mum came in and was furious when she was given the hairdressers rate.

Reenacting the conversation, the mum who entered her salon said: "Hey there sweetie, I need to get two haircuts, for my daughters they're young, so how much are the haircuts for them?"


"Well we don't really go by age, it just depends on how much hair they have. Both of them have extremely thick hair so it would be $65 for each of them" replied China.

The mum was in disbelief and went on a massive rant about how extortionate this rate was.

"I'm sorry what? $65...for each of them? That's super expensive. One of them is 10, and one is 12, they're still little girls. They're not even teenagers yet. Why would you charge that much for little girls?" asked the mum.

China said: "Well it's just as much work to do their hair as a woman. Honestly, they have a lot more hair than a lot of my clients, women clients that pay $65, so I'm sorry that's just the normal price."

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"If they had really thin, short fine hair, it would be less but ya, that's the price" added the hairdresser.

The mum then started to complain that she should at least get a discount for bringing two kids in, and China explained that it was not a two for one offer.

"So your not willing to give me any discount because I'm bringing you both of my daughters? I was gonna send you some business but I just think that that is really expensive, I don't think that anyone else is gonna come here and pay that price" said the mum.

Adding: "That's actually ridiculous."

Hitting back, China said that she has many clients who bring their daughters in for haircuts.

"We do mainly colour here but we also do haircuts, and a lot of the moms actually bring their daughters here and they pay that no problem so I don't know what to tell you," said the hairdresser.

Are you kidding me? I need you to fix it. That's just great, I already paid to get their hair butchered and now you're not gonna lower the price to fix someone else's mistake."

Anonomous mum

The mum then started threatening the hairdresser that she was going to slam her on social media.

"That's cute sweetie, I'm just gonna make a post and we will see if all the other mom's think that's too expensive or not," said the mum.

After going back and forth with the woman who accused China of "stealing" from people due to the cost the mum decided to take her daughters elsewhere.

A few days later the mum returned with her daughters saying that the other hairdresser had done a terrible job on her kid's hair.

"I took my daughters to a salon, not too far from here, the haircuts were only like $25 but they butchered their hair, now I need it fixed, how much is that gonna cost?" asked the mum.

Adding: "Because I'm not paying the $65 to get you to fix their hair, because it's not gonna take you that long, how much would it be?"

When China revealed that it would still be $65 the mum was irate saying: "Are you kidding me? I need you to fix it. That's just great, I already paid to get their hair butchered and now you're not gonna lower the price to fix someone else's mistake."

Adding: "That's so nice of you."

The post has been viewed over 68k times, and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"I can't afford that, but I wouldn't be rude about it or expect anyone to change their prices, I'd just leave" commented one person.

Another added: "Not to mention kids don't sit still so it takes longer and it's a lot of work."

"Lol, what in the world does age have to do with it?" commented a third.

2The mum was very demandingCredit: TIKTOK -/@chinaarae

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Meanwhile...I went to a high-end salon to fix my hair because it was uneven – they fried it so badly I had to cut a FOOT off

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