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SecNumCloud must be up to date: Qualified repository for French cloud hosts passed in September In version 3.2.a, Three years after the 3.1 update that made the repository compatible with GDPR.

The update of the document aims to strengthen the repository’s legal guarantees at this time, which will be based on the SecNumCloud repository in order to prepare for the arrival of the “Cloud of Confidence” label.

This is the new version The subject of the call for comments until November 15, 2021, So that Ansi can gather the views of key stakeholders.

Judicial security

In the changes made to the repository, several sections clarify the legal protections that companies seeking to benefit from SecNumCloud eligibility must guarantee.

A new section called “Immunity to Non-Community Law” specifies that the head office of the service provider should be established within the EU member state. Similarly, the text states that the company’s shareholders must respect certain rules, ensuring that companies outside the EU do not have too many votes on the board of directors.

Applies to text providers as well. For example, this means that service providers that are not in the EU do not have the right to access data driven by the service. In addition to these terms, the new version of the text SecNumCloud Qualification provides for lifetime navigation testing.

Additional social law in scenes

There is nothing detailed about updating the repository. SecNumCloud will actually be the workplace for the labeling of the “Cloud of Confidence” label, which aims to provide French operators with the services of US players such as EU-run infrastructure and companies under European law, such as Google or Microsoft. .

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There have been several announcements about the partnership since the label was issued: Orange, Capgemini and Microsoft, to mention their “Blue” offer or Thales and Google Cloud.

The issue of anti-community law is not a new concern for officials, but the issue has come to the fore again with the advent of the “Cloud of Trust” label and the emergence of European cloud certification programs. Behind this period, we see legislative arrangements such as the Cloud Act, which allow US administration to access data provided by American actors or on American soil. “We obviously think of the cloud law, but they are not alone. China is in the process of accepting similar arrangements during the Security Conference,” Guilford recalled.

A European certification program

SecNumCloud is expanding its rules to take this new scenario into account and to avoid endangering user data, in order to allow French companies to offer “trusted cloud” offers that connect US players such as Google or Microsoft.

If the evolution of the French front is going smoothly, this material has not yet been fully verified at the European level. Within the EU, the adoption of the Cyber ​​Security Act paved the way for the establishment of a European certification program requested by many stakeholders. But member states have not yet complied with the rules in the European equivalent of SecNumCloud, especially on these questions related to extraterrestrial law.

As far as Guilloom is concerned, this is not a sign qua. “For important services and data, only European law applies, not European cloud law or the like. If we can not do that, it would be utterly useless to talk about European sovereignty,” the ANCI chief said.

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Biden touts savings on insulin and other drugs for Americans

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Pope Francis Slams E.U. Attempt to Cancel Christmas

ROME — Pope Francis said Monday that the European Union’s recent attempt to cancel Christmas is an “anachronism” more worthy of a Napoleon or a Hitler than modern Europe.

During the return flight from Greece to Rome Monday, Francis was asked what he thought of the recent E.U. document on “inclusive communication” that eliminated references to Christian holidays in favor of more generic holiday greetings and inclusive language.

“This is an anachronism,” the pope responded, noting how throughout history “many, many dictatorships have tried to do it” and failed. “Think of Napoleon… think of the Nazi dictatorship, the Communist one.”

“It is in vogue with watered-down secularism,” he continued. “But this is something that did not work during history.”

The new style guide was drafted by Helena Dalli of Malta, the European Commissioner for Equality, an LGBT activist. The document, titled “European Commission Guidelines for Inclusive Communication,” stipulates language to be used by Commission employees for all communications including press releases, social media posts, speeches, and training materials.

A Swiss guard stands next to a Christmas tree before Pope Francis general audience at Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on December 1, 2021. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP via Getty Images)

The 30-page manual mandates abandoning any references to Christian holidays in favor of generic expressions such as “winter break,” as well as more gender-neutral, LGBTQ+ friendly language.

As an example, the text directs employees to avoid the use of “Christian names” in hypothetical examples. Instead of “Mary and John are an international couple,” it states, one should rather say “Malika and Julio are an international couple.”

Along with its efforts to de-Christianize language, the manual also pushes the use of gender-neutral expressions.

“Our communication should never presume that persons are heterosexual, identify with their gender assigned at birth, or identify in a binary way (male or female),” it declares.

“Avoid terms like ‘both sexes’ and opening addresses with ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ so as not to exclude intersex persons and gender-queer people and not to make them invisible,” it reads.

When challenged about the document, Dalli said the text was a “work in progress” but defended her efforts to promote inclusivity.

“My initiative to draft guidelines as an internal document for communication by Commission staff in their duties, was intended to achieve an important aim: to illustrate the diversity of European culture and showcase the inclusive nature of the European Commission towards all walks of life and beliefs of European citizens,” Dalli said in her defense.

In his response Monday, Pope Francis also warned against efforts to homogenize Europe and the failure to recognize and respect cultural differences.

A priest walks in front the nativity scene in St. Peter’s square at the Vatican on December 25, 2020, as the Pope delivers a live-streamed Urbi et Orbi blessing inside the Vatican Blessing hall amid the Covid-19 pandemic. (VINCENZO PINTO/AFP via Getty Images)

The European Union must “be careful not to lead the way to ideological colonization,” which could “bring down the European Union,” he said.

“The European Union must respect each country as it is structured inside, the variety of countries, without trying to standardize,” he said.

The EU has to be careful, “because sometimes they come along with projects like this one and they don’t know what to do,” he continued.

The European Union must “respect the singularity of each country,” he said, and be careful not to become a vehicle of ideological colonization.”

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