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A TRAVELLER has revealed she was left shocked after buying a caravan from a non-traveller as she said it was filthy and some humans live like “pigs.” 

Eileen Dunne, who posts under @eileendunne4, did a video tour around her new dwelling pointing out all of the “disgusting” parts. 

6Traveller Eileen Dunne showed off the 'filthy' caravan she bought from non-travellersCredit: Tiktok/@eileendunne4 6She slammed the fridge as being 'disgusting'Credit: Tiktok/@eileendunne4

She wrote: “Bought a caravan from a non-travellers, some people live like human pigs.

Showing inside the fridge which was heavily stained, she slammed it as “disgusting.”

Eileen then tried to clean the shower, with the water turning brown from all the dirt.

Next up was the sofa, and the traveller used a professional cleaner on it which also revealed the filth inside.


She also cleaned inside the dirty cupboards and polished the tarnished handles.

Her video has racked up over 344,000 likes, with many defending non-travellers.

One said: “Please don’t think all non travellers would hand something over filthy, some of us are spotless.”

Another added: “If they were getting rid of it they clearly wouldn't have been using it so it’s going to be dirty.”

However, Eileen replied: “It’s thick dirt they had to live in it at some point.”.”

6Eileen tackled the sofa with a professional cleaner, which revealed the filth insideCredit: Tiktok/@eileendunne4 6Eileen then tried to clean the shower, with the water turning brown from all the dirtCredit: Tiktok/@eileendunne4 6The cupboards and fridge were covered in dirtCredit: Tiktok/@eileendunne4 6The water used to clean the caravan was left brown at the end of the processCredit: Tiktok/@eileendunne4 Most read in LifestyleWADING IN Fury as Meghan Markle crashes into US politics making demands of politiciansGET OUT Desperate Queen had 'NO CHOICE' but to strip Harry & Meg of titles after 'disgrace'no losers I have strict dating rules - I expect an allowance & a proposal within the yearTIME FOR REST Fears Queen, 95, 'being forced to work too hard' as worried doc orders restRESTING ITCH FACE I’m a bearded lady & men love it & ask for dates - I wish it was longercaught live Disturbing video shows 'ghost' taking off dog's collar while tormenting family

In other news, this traveller has hit back at people 'in council houses' insulting her.

And this 18-year-old traveller is married, living in a caravan stuffed full of clothes.

Plus we shared how a traveller mum throws daughter, 10, a party so she can meet a husband – and is fine with her getting pregnant at 14 too.

I Married A Traveller: Why we don't live in a caravan

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Mum claims she effectively willed herself to have a ‘100 percent pain free birth’ – and other women strongly disagree

A MUM has claimed that her labour was ‘100 per cent pain-free’ and hit back at mums who said it is excruciating.

TikTok user Meg, who posts under @flourishingmother, uploaded a video providing reasons why it doesn’t have to hurt.

4TikTok user Meg claims you can have a pain-free labourCredit: TIKTOK 4TikTok user Meg, who posts under @flourishingmother, uploaded a video providing reasons why it doesn’t have to hurtCredit: TIKTOK

She wrote: “‘There’s no such thing as a painless childbirth.’ Yes there is.

“Modern medicine/Hollywood has made ppl believe birth is scary.

“Millions of women have had pain free childbirths.

“In how to avoid pain, you need to release fear.”

Meg recommended doing “daily affirmations to break fear of contractions.”

She also advised that you practise “visualisation” explaining you should “visualise the baby dropping into your birth canal”.

Meg also said you should visualise your body “opening up slowly, like a blooming flower.”

She said: “Keep your jaw muscles loose by breathing deep and exhaling through ‘horse lips’.

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“Fully relax into each contraction.

“Hire a good doula who can support you through your pain free childhood plan.”

She added that her last birth was “almost 100 per cent pain free.”

Many disagreed with her approach, with one saying: “It’s not painless even with epidural.”

Another said: “Telling people essentially they are birthing wrong if it’s painful is beyond ridiculous.”

However, some agreed with her: “My grandma always said it is a mindset thing.”

4Meg also said you should visualise your body 'opening up slowly, like a blooming flower'Credit: TIKTOK 4She said a good doula can help with the painCredit: TIKTOK

Previously, a teen mum got pregnant on the pill with a lad from a night out.

And a fertility doctor shared their top tips for helping you conceive.

I livestreamed my wait for labour to start after sixth miscarriage so I wasn't alone - but it's absolutely breaking me

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