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GETTING a bikini wax can be nerve-wracking, awkward and uncomfortable, but have you ever wondered what your waxer is thinking?

Beauticians and professional waxers are always pointing out how they’ve seen and SMELT it all.

2A professional waxer has taken to TIkTok to reveal her secret hack for when a client smellsCredit: @thepubestylist/Tiktok

One bikini waxer from Chicago has taken to TikTok to reveal the secret trick she uses when a client comes in with a bad smell.

It’s really simple but very clever.

The professional waxer, aka ‘thepubestylist’ shared her hack to TikTok.

She was asked ‘The real question is what do you do with a client with a foul smell?’ to which she uploaded the video with the caption ‘You got 2 options here. Lighting a candle in your treatment room helps too.’

She said: “How to deal with other people’s body odour…I either hold my breath a lot, or, I have a little trick that my best friends’ wife taught me.

“She does this because she’s in the medical field.

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“So underneath your mask, you’re gonna put a little bit of Vicks.

“Hispanics swear by this.

“We use it for everything and now we’re gonna use it to cover up a bad stench.

“So just take a little bit, this stuff is spicy.”

We then see her put a little bit of Vicks on her nostrils.

She continues: “Rub it in and put your mask on.

“It’s like a minty wonderland under here.”

The majority of us only ever use Vicks for a bad cold or a blocked nose, but now we’ve seen it all.

The video has quickly racked up a whopping 4.3million views.

It has 514k likes, 2,703 comments and 1,612 shares.

Many TikTok users were impressed with this hack and took to the comments to express this.

One person commented: “Yes! Vicks smells so great.”

Another said: “Vicks is the trick! Been doing it my 14 years of waxing.”

A third added: “This is so useful WHAT.”


Many TikTok users revealed that they also use this hack in a variety of other professions.

One person said: “Yes! Cops have actually done that for years when going into really bad death scenes… Who would’ve known Vicks could be used for so many things!”

Another added: “I used to be a dental assistant and I’d do this.”

A third commented: “This works wonders for middle school teachers too.”

2She swears by this hack and says it makes your mask smell amazingCredit: @thepubestylist/Tiktok

Meanwhile in other things beauty, a beauty fan cleans her fake tan mitts using shampoo and the disgusting results will give you the shivers.

Also, I lost my job & moved in with my parents – then launched a beauty business and doubled my old monthly salary in ONE day.

I've seen it all as a professional waxer and PLEASE go to the loo before coming in for your appointment

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Three iPhone settings that you should NEVER change – check yours now

YOU'VE likely heard endless advice about the settings to fiddle with to get more from your iPhone – but what about the ones you shouldn't touch?

Tweaking your mobile's setup can in some cases stop it from connecting to the internet and damage your display. Here are three settings to avoid.

1Avoid tweaking these crucial iPhone settings if you canCredit: Getty - Contributor 1) Display auto-brightness

Auto-brightness is activated on your iPhone by default and does what it says on the tin, adjusting brightness levels based on the light conditions around you.

An ambient light sensor near the selfie camera lowers brightness in darker locations and raises brightness in lighter locations.

Turing the feature off – particularly to set your display so it's at maximum brightness all the time – can reduce your battery life and damage your device.

That's because your iPhone uses up far more power when displaying at full brightness than at low brightness.

Switching off auto-brightness can also be bad for your eyesight.

Trying to squint at a dark screen in bright sunlight, or looking at a bright screen in a dark location, strains your eyes, leaving them feeling tired and irritated.

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You can turn auto-brightness on or off in Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.

To reset the auto-brightness settings, turn off auto-brightness and then turn it back on.

2) Date and time

Altering the date and time on your iPhone might feel like a cheap way to time travel, but it can cause serious problems.

A common reason for doing this is to accelerate time in a game on iOS that requires a real-world time-lapse for progression.

However, altering the date and time on your iPhone can cause problems when trying to connect to some websites.

I can also mess with apps and features such as Screen Time, which tracks the amount you use your iPhone over time.

To make sure your iPhone time and date is correct at all times, turn on Set Automatically in Settings > General > Date & Time.

3) MMS and SMS messaging

Every message you send that's not an iMessage is either an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) or SMS (Short Message Service).

An MMS has a file such as a picture or video attached while an SMS contains just plain old text.

You can turn SMS and MMS messaging off in your settings – but we wouldn't advise it.

Doing so will mean you can't send SMS or MMS messages to friends of yours who don't have iPhones.

You'll still be able to use iMessage, but texts sent to Android smartphones won't get through to their recipients.

You can swap around your MMS and SMS settings by heading to Settings > Messages > SMS/MMS.

Secret iPhone codes unlock cool effects in iMessage – how to use them

In other news, Apple has announced that it will let customers fix their own iPhones for the first time starting next year.

The UK is fighting an epidemic of hack attacks targeting consumers and businesses, according to officials.

NASA has slammed Russia after a missile it fired into one of its own satellites forced the space station to perform an emergency swerve.

And, a 75-year-old Brit has told of his anger after scammers on WhatsApp fooled him into sending them hundreds of pounds.

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