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it to work in a crisis:

    (CBS Baltimore) — The current employment landscape is far from welcoming. Recent graduates finished their high school and college careers through distance learning. They’ve since entered a job market that is flooded with recently laid-off workers and largely devoid of companies that are hiring. The unemployment rate stood at 13.3 percent in May, surprisingly down from an April high of 14.7 percent. The welcome drop meant some temporarily unemployed workers returned to jobs that were waiting for them. However many of the still temporarily unemployed won’t be so lucky when their jobs disappear. Permanent job losses rose by close to 300,000 in May, and another 1.5 million people filed for jobless aid for the first time for the most recent week available. The current unemployment rate remains higher than any monthly rate since the Great Depression, outside of April 2020. The situation for job seekers is daunting — the country...